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Colorado Springs, Confluence Park Public Art Proposal

The City of Colorado Springs is developing a new 35-acre park in which the water feature is the focus. The city asked for a postcard image, signature fountain that would be visible from a great distance as well as from Interstate 25 which passes near to and above the park. The total water feature area is 300 feet wide and 150 feet deep.

This proposal is for series of monoliths of native stone ranging from 20 feet high down to 10 feet. The five pieces set in the central pool each represent a different facet of life in that city. The largest "Nature" (20" x 12" x 12") represents the mountains and has a huge waterfall pouring from one corner. The others (16" x 8" x 8") represent Wilderness, Work and School, Culture, and the Future. Water squirts from monolith to monolith and also pours over the tops and out of cracks and fissures, with each side of each sculpture being different from the others.

At the North and South edges of the water feature two Sentinels mark the limits of the area and are the sources for a series of very shallow streams that flow into the central pool. Water flows down the sides from the tops and each side is carved with an echo of the designs on the larger monoliths.