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Montana State University Library Proposal

As part of remodeling their library, Montana State University wanted to include two art pieces in the 3rd/4th floor atrium: a fountain on the 3rd floor and a sculpture suspended under the 4th floor skylight.

This proposal is for a fountain and a companion hanging sculpture that mirrors the fountain. The fountain is composed of a series of 8-foot stone columns cut from a single blue-gray slab arranged in a curve with increasing distance between columns as you move away from the center. The effect is that a single stone is expanding faster and faster - Expanding Consciousness. Set in the center of the curve is a single taller column made of golden travertine.

The hanging sculpture is made of a series of glass slabs with a slab suspended directly over each stone column. The glass slabs are 4 feet long and the bottoms of the glass slabs are shaped to match the rough tops of the stone columns and are covered in melted crushed glass in vibrant colors. The melted glass looks like drops of brightly colored water.