Intersections of Color and Texture cont...

The works in this show combine various textures with colors ranging from pure white to strong multi-chromatics. Every piece has multiple textures from smooth and polished to natural and rough. I like to combine different textures in one piece because of the contrasting effects as the water flows over the different textures.

Adding color to this mix creates an even wider spectrum of effects as the water enhances the colors of the stones giving the colors more life and sparkle. Where a stone is rough, the color is muted or faded, sometimes just a hint of the depth below. Water on these surfaces enhances the color and gives the impression of lots of energy, lots of movement as the water moves in and out across the texture.

Polished surfaces have strong color. While water does enhance the colors of polished surfaces, without the bumps, ridges, depressions, and troughs, the sense is more peaceful than lively, more controlled than spontaneous.

Taken together, the works in this show illustrate a wide range of effects and feelings:

  • the quite calm of "Duality of Man" which is a dark, mono-tonic stone polished on one side and rough on the other,
  • the exuberance of "Nature's Ladder" with is also mono-tonic, but bright gold with one face polished and etched, and the other three sides deeply pitted and scored by nature
  • the riot of color combined with a calm water flow in "Triple Chocolate" with its shades of browns and "Sunrise" with its bright pinks.
  • The endless combinations of color and texture are spellbinding as they fascinate us, sooth us, and draw us in ever deeper.

Major Works

-Nature's Ladder - Lone Star Gold Limestone, 60" x 14" x 15"
-Mermaid Dreams - Texas Shellstone, 40" x 12" x 12"
-Spring Thaw - Scheherazade Travertine, 64" x 16" x 7"
-Triple Chocolate - Vista Grande Travertine, 59" x 17" x 5"
-Duality of Man - New York Bluestone, 48" x 22" x 4"
-Cascade - Texas Shellstone, 59" x 16" x 9"
-Sunrise - Italian Pink Shellstone 53" x 15" x 15"
-Keyway - Gold Travertine, 82" x 21" x 5"
-Subtle Energies - Gold Travertine, 70" 17" x 6"