Alan working on a new piece
Built in 1999 by local artists and craftspeople, the Workshop is an artwork in itself. Rounded in front and tapering at the sides, it sits on a giant circle, blending into the Sonoran Desert around it. More than 100 small plants and cacti were moved to other parts of the property to make room.
The building was designed so that none of the large plants or trees were disturbed. This made for tight quarters when digging the foundation and putting up the walls. The mantra, Don't hurt the plants!, was often repeated and always respected, even by the cement truck drivers!

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My studio
inspires me.
It is set under
an ancient
ironwood tree
on the edge of
dry wash with
a view of the
mountains to
the North.
Across the
wash is a
horse ranch
and everywhere
there is life
-- horses, lizards,
rabbits, trees,
quail, doves,
bushes, cactus.
I love being